Year 6 - 鶹ýAV


Junior School

Year 6

A Year of Leadership

The final year in Junior School provides a challenging academic and co-curricula program. Each boy is considered a leader and given opportunities to take on extra responsibilities as well as set a fine example to our younger students. Key leadership roles are awarded and other specific service group responsibilities are provided throughout the year.

鶹ýAV Junior School boys in Year Six are provided with opportunities that enable them to develop their ability to both work and play confidently and consistently within the whole school community. The school focuses on the development of skills and understandings related to Physical, Personal and Social Learning, Discipline Based Learning and Interdisciplinary Learning.

It is the expectation that boys work with others by building positive relationships. The boys manage themselves in a variety of situations in which they are confronted by being courteous, cooperative, understanding of others and responsible for their own behaviour. They are encouraged to persevere with tasks, concentrate and work independently, take considered risks, accept advice and use their time wisely and productively. During the year, the boys contribute to a full range of opportunities offered by the school whilst displaying confidence, enthusiasm and initiative during all activities. Opportunities have been provided for the boys to develop leadership skills and communicate school values to different audiences.

The boys have developed skills that allow them to be complex flexible thinkers and critical learners whilst developing efficient communication skills. They have managed their level of effort and taken steps to foster their own learning. They have reflected on their learning, monitored their progress, asked questions and developed generalisations that highlight their understanding of themselves as learners.

They have developed specific knowledge, skills and interest in a wide range of academic areas and explored relevant concepts in depth and complexity. They will have developed the ability to transfer their learning to assist in the understanding of different real world situations.