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鶹ýAV is an independent boys’ day school for students from Prep to Year 12. Boarding is available from Year 7 to Year 12.

The School’s constitution requires the College to provide for its students:

‘an education of humane, scientific and general nature consistent with the teachings of Christianity’ and ‘to encourage each student to achieve the highest standard of which he is capable in all his activities and the full development of the personality and sense of responsibility of each student and respect for others and capacity to work with them so as to promote the development of Christian ideals of citizenship, personal character and a spirit of reverence in the entire life and work of the College’.

The School offers a broad curriculum to students from a diverse range of backgrounds.

鶹ýAV enrols boys who may gain benefit from the broad and balanced education offered by the School, and who may contribute to the life of the School by participating as fully as possible in the broad range of activities available.

The main entry levels for day students are Prep and Year 4 in the Junior School and Year 7 in the Senior School. There is a limited intake in Year 9. Boys may be enrolled at other year levels where vacancies arise.

Parents are advised to apply as early as possible for places for their sons at Scotch, as the number of applications received is usually significantly higher than the number of places available. Applications are accepted from birth.

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