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About Us

‘Deo Patriae Litteris’

The School Motto

‘Deo Patriae Litteris’

To (the glory of) God,
for (the good of one's) country,
and for (the advancement of) learning.


The School Coat of Arms

The crest is the Burning Bush.
The shield is quartered by the Cross of St Andrew.

Above - the Royal Crown
Left - the Southern Cross
Right - the Blazing Torch
Below - a Lymphad.

The Burning Bush of Moses stands for 'Deo' in the School Motto.

The Royal Crown stands for loyalty to the Sovereign and represents the 'Patriae' representing loyalty to Australia.

The Torch with its golden flame represents 'Litteris' or learning.

The Lymphad is a galley with sails furled, oars in use, rowing into the wind, representing boldness, determination and a spirit of adventure.

These symbols are on a blue background with the silver diagonal Cross of Saint Andrew, which links the school with its Scottish heritage, St Andrew being the Patron Saint of Scotland.

The School Colours

Cardinal, with gold and royal blue stripes.